How To Get Rid Of Migraine Headaches

Hello America! Welcome to another session on the Schreiber Pain Relief Institute YouTube Channel. Today, I’m going to demonstrate on how you can help one another with upper neck, upper back, and some shoulder discomfort that we may start experiencing sitting around on our sofas, sitting in posture with bad posture on our chairs. I’m going divide this up just into a couple of steps. Step one, you just want to start kneading muscles with your hands. You can start off with just both hands on one side of the body. Just feeling the tissue. Remember always that a little is a lot at the very beginning if you’re working on somebody that’s feeling tenderness or tightness in their neck and upper back. And every everything that you do to the body you’re going to be able to help with headaches, tension, anxiety, any type of prolonged muscle pain. Just feel with your fingers. You’re going to feel the trapezius muscle here and you can move that forward into your other hand and have all four fingers in the front of that muscle.

You can ask your family member to just breathe into their chest a little bit to open it up, some big long breaths just to open up the tissue. Then you can ask if it’s okay to use a little more pressure. Remember, the whole idea is not how hard you can press. It’s how much relief you’re going to get with the pressure you’re using. Now I’m going to come back to the back of the body and now I’m going to use both hand on either side of the neck. Then you can talk to your family member and ask them how they’re feeling. Then you want to move to the side. You can put your hand here on top of the head and just start rubbing the neck. You can move the head gently just so you can feel the tissue. Be careful of wearing any type of ring or something that you can hurt somebody with.

Since I haven’t been in the office for a couple weeks, I told Andre that he was an hour before the last clipping. So he’s getting some nail work a little bit too. Then I’m using the thumb on the right side of the neck just turning gently as you move them. As you move the neck a little bit, your fingers will penetrate into the muscles a little more. There’s nothing dangerous back here to work on. You’re not going to hit any arteries, any major nerves. Were not going to the front of the neck. Then if you want, you can just take the shoulders and just put your hands like this at the arm where the upper arm and the lower arm meet and just pull back just a little bit, not much, lift up just a little. You can bring the arm, put your one hand on top of the shoulder. Bring the arm up, let it fall. Go ahead, Andre, let it fall.

I’m doing this a little quickly so that you can run through it and you can stop the video and practice what I’m doing a little bit and then move on to the next step. I’m going to show you the other side. You can do any type of movement. Come across, make sure the person, if they’re resistant to make sure it doesn’t hurt, if it does then stop. Remember whenever there’s acute or chronic pain I always like to use ice first. And if heat makes it feel better for you than ice, then that’s fine.

I’m going to come to the other side of the neck. Now I got my fingers, four fingers of my right hand on the side of the neck. I’m going up into the skull just a little bit. Remember I’m turning, I’m leaning the ahead just a little bit, very slow and soft. And as you move it just by little-by-little, you’ll start to feel the muscles start to relax a little bit. And as you guys do this with one another, you’re going to be more familiar with it each time. You’re going to put a lot of people like me out of work longer. Let it go.

Touch is a wonderful thing it helps with stress, anxiety. Being comforted in these crazy times that we’re living in right now. Then I would just bring the head over. You can bring your hand to the opposite side. I have my right hand on the left shoulder. I’m coming over just a little, going over to the right. Just in case you’re thinking while none of us are wearing masks right now, we both, families have been quarantined. We haven’t gone anywhere within 25, 30 feet of anybody. Then you can take the head between your hands. Just gently turn, let it go. Very soft, very soft, very gently. You’re going to feel the next stop and when you feel it stopped, just go just a little bit more. Then come to the other side. At the end of this video, we’re going to leave information on what we do, who we are, and how you can get in touch with us with further questions or problems that you may have, that we can help you with. Be safe. God bless and have a wonderful day.

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