Schreiber Sleep Formula 600mg CBD/CBN 1 fl oz


The Schreiber Sleep Formula has 600mg of CBD and 600mg of CBN, which means that every full dropper (1ml) contains 20mg of each. If you are new to CBD or CBN, then it is recommended that you start with half a dropper and slowly increase your dose to find what is best for you. Remember to administer your tincture under the tongue and hold for at least 30 seconds before swallowing. This increases the bioavailability of the product and will allow you to feel the effects faster.

Specific ailments require targeted solutions. Schreiber Pain Relief Institute and Vlasic Labs share this philosophy, which is why we partnered to help you sleep with natural, plant-based formulations.

The Schreiber Sleep Formula is made with CBN and CBD isolate that has been derived from USDA Organic Hemp. These two cannabinoids work synergistically.

By using pure isolate in formulation, opposed to full spectrum oil, the Schreiber Sleep Formula has more reliable dosing, quality, and consistency batch to batch. You can click this Test Results to see exactly what is in your product


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