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Comprehensive Pain Relief and Restoration of Your Body

Your body is dynamic, intelligent, and multi-faceted. Your pain management plan should be too. The most common approach is to treat one area with one type of technique. This typically results in short-term relief that may not get to the source of your pain.

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Services and products that are as unique as you

Schreiber’s Corrective Soft Tissue Therapy™ offers a comprehensive pain relief program that personalizes your treatment and homecare plan. When you come into our office, we conduct a lifestyle Q & A and assessment that enables us to customize a session just for you.

Your therapeutic session may incorporate clinical techniques such as deep pressure massage, relaxation massage, stretching and strengthen techniques, according to your need. When necessary, we will also recommend stretch and strengthen protocols as well as sleep products as a part of your homecare plan.

man getting shoulder therapy
cartoon illusttration of a patient getting a deep tissue massage

Deep Pressure Massage:
A clinical massage therapy approach that goes beyond the skin’s surface to focus on the muscles, tendons, and fascia. It helps reduce painful trigger and tendon points, inflammation and improves blood flow. It often incorporates slower, more sustained techniques and is great for people with chronic pain.

cartoon illustration of a patient getting a relaxation massage

Relaxation Massage:
A therapeutic massage calms the nervous system, supports the immune system, encourages the release of endorphins, the body’s natural pain killers, as well as promotes relaxation and restorative sleep. It is recommended as a part of a healthy lifestyle regime and is great for people seeking improved wellbeing.

cartoon illustration of a patient getting stretch-strengthen protocols

Stretch- Strengthen Protocols:
Exercise help return muscles to their optimal state. Tight muscles create tension, inflexibility and increases the risk of injury. Weak muscles increase loss of function. Stretching and Strengthening exercises can be incorporated in the session and is often recommended as a part of the home care protocol.

Massage Therapy may not always be appropriate for certain conditions. Please inform our team of your present health, past conditions, and medications. It is also important to notify our team when there is any change in your health and/or medication.

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Our dedicated team members are trained in the Schreiber’s Corrective Soft Tissue Therapy™ and are ready to support your return to health now. We make pain relief simple and effective.